Pruning Potted Mums in Late Winter?


I do not know too much about pruning mums, but it is time for an experiment. This experiment is as simple as the title leads it to be. Today I pruned my mums back. Before I pruned them, they looked like big bushes of dead flower. My main concern is that all of my mums where in pots and might not grow back. We will see what happens!!

Ideally the purpose of pruning is to cut back foliage which will die and not come back in the following year. By pruning a plant, the plant will be able to grow a new series of foliage which will bloom and continue its life cycle. I have read up on pruning but seems to be much more complicated than it is. I am now thinking that it is much more simple when shown how.

Different plants require different types of pruning and some do not require any pruning. Get to know your plants and what they like and need.

Good Luck in the garden!!


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